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Oxidized Petrolatums

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Chemically oxidized petrolatums are mixtures of long-chained, branched and cyclic hydrocarbons and their derivates like organic acids, oxi-acids and esters. The acids present in our oxidized petrolatums can be neutralized with bivalent metal oxides, giving end products a high molecular weight and wax-like nature with excellent water-resistant properties and corrosion protection.

Main Application
Neutralization can be achieved with calcium hydroxide or zinc oxide in a white spirit dilution. The white spirit solution of neutralized products gives improved anti-corrosion properties by the addition of a high-molecular petroleum sulfonate. To obtain special characteristics in the end product, it is also possible to add Petrolatum 640/20 or Tech Pet F. The end product may be sprayed or brushed on the metal surface to be protected.

Oxpet LA 1531-20
Oxpet WH-1
Oxpet WH-6