Sonneborn petrolatums, white mineral oils and microcrystalline waxes are among the best in the industry. Since 1903, pharmaceutical companies have chosen Sonneborn products for their high-quality properties to help keep people safe and healthy in a wide variety of drug applications.

Sonneborn USP–NF products are chemically and biologically stable, non-comedogenic and do not support microbial growth. These properties make Sonneborn white mineral oils, petrolatums and microcrystalline waxes the standard, ideal blending base for pharmaceutical applications. Their inert nature makes them easy to work with as they lubricate, smooth, soften, extend and resist moisture in many finished formulations.

Sonneborn products meet global pharmacopeia requirements.

The U.S. manufacturing facility is registered with the U.S FDA as a drug establishment. All Sonneborn manufacturing facilities are accredited to quality standard ISO 9002 or ISO 9001:2015.


Components of skin protectants, medicated ointments, suppositories, dental adhesives and floss, excipient formulations, creams, internal lubricants, laxatives, and more.

Pharmaceutical Products


Versatility, compatibility and safety for formulating high-performing personal care products. Also used as silicone replacement/extender.

Microcrystalline Waxes

Odorless, tasteless waxes with relatively high melting points and superior flexibility.


Add lubricity, emolliency and moisture retention in lotions, creams, ointments and hand cleaners.

White Mineral Oils

Solutions that set the standard across many industries, including personal care and food.

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