In metalworking, maintaining peak performance is everything. That’s why metalworking fluid formulators across the industry choose Sonneborn products to deliver excellent emulsion quality and corrosion resistance.

Sonneborn low equivalent weight sodium sulfonates provide excellent emulsion performance, while the high equivalent weight sulfonates deliver unsurpassed rust-preventive performance.

Sonneborn sodium sulfonates are made from natural petroleum oil feedstocks. Therefore, the molecular weight distribution is much broader than typical synthetic sodium sulfonates. This broad distribution enhances the ability of the sulfonates to interact with the rust-preventive oil, while delivering excellent emulsification.

Sonneborn sodium sulfonates improve compatibility with the base oil, leading to enhanced emulsion and rust-preventive coating characteristics.

Metalworking Products

Petronate™ Sodium Sulfonates

Provides excellent emulsification and corrosion protection compared to synthetic sodium sulfonates.

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