Light Specialty

Sonneborn light specialty hydrocarbon products are highly refined solvents with relatively high flash points. These products are designed to meet a narrow boiling range, and with catalytic hydrotreating the aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons are removed. 

Sonneborn light specialty hydrocarbon grades are hydrophobic, colorless, tasteless, virtually odorless and UV stable. They are chemically and biologically stable, and they do not support microbial growth.

These solvents offer the purity of white oils yet with high solvency and low volatility. Sonneborn light specialty hydrocarbon products are direct substitutes for high Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) solvents in consumer and institutional products. They are suitable for use in aerosol systems such as air fresheners, furniture polishes and insecticides. Non-aerosol uses include waterless hand soaps, floor polishes, nail polish removers, charcoal lighter fluids, and liquid candles.

The unique characteristics of these products make them quite versatile across many additional applications, including defoaming, roll oils, quenching, vegetable froth floatation, dust control, and the manufacturing of paper and board.

Light Specialty Hydocarbon Products


High-purity solvents with high flash points.


Substitutes for high-VOC solvents in consumer and institutional products.

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