Personal care and pharmaceutical formulators often choose Sonneborn petrolatum products for their formulation base. These products add lubricity, emolliency and moisture resistance in various products.

These petrolatums are odorless, tasteless, homogeneous mixtures of oily and waxy long-chain, nonpolar hydrocarbons. These products range in color from white to yellow and differ from one another in gloss, consistency, shear strength and crystallinity as well as in sensory attributes including slip, cushion, playtime and spreadability — all important in personal care applications.

Sonneborn products meet U.S. FDA requirements and are Vegan certified. Food processors rely on them for uses that range from baking and candy-making to packaging. In container candles, the addition of petrolatum affects the crystallinity of the waxes to give a smoother, more pleasing appearance. For industrial applications, such as metal polishes and buffing compounds, petrolatums protect against moisture and corrosion.

Petrolatum Products


Odorless, tasteless petrolatum featuring a mix of nonpolar hydrocarbons.

Blond Petroleum Jelly

Superior quality of light yellow petroleum jelly of high degree of refining and medium fibers.


High-purity pharmaceutical petrolatum that delivers low UV absorbance.

Extra Light Yellow

A long-fibered, light yellow petroleum jelly alternative.


A hard, concentrated petroleum jelly with low oil content.

Mineral Jelly

Ideal for elegant formulations that offer the functional moisturizing benefits of petrolatum.


Industry standard for ointment bases and other high-quality applications.


Petroleum jellies for a diverse range of applications.


Soft, high-gloss product with a light, dry application.

Sono Jell™

Outstanding thermal, UV and color stability due to unique high-pressure hydrogenation process.

Super White Fonoline™

Safe, effective and economical formulation base.

Super White Protopet™

Odorless and tasteless white petrolatum base.

Technical Petrolatums

A high-viscosity, stiff, yellow petrolatum applicable for technical uses.

White Fonoline™

Adds lubricity and moisture loss resistance to lotions, creams, ointments and hand cleaners.

White Protoline™

White petrolatum effective in personal care, pharmaceutical, food and other applications.

White Protopet™

Among the whitest petrolatums available today.

White Soft Paraffin PN

A petroleum jelly with a sunny color for specific color-required applications.

Yellow Fonoline™

Yellow petrolatum ideal for cream, lotion, hair styling, hand cleaner and sun care applications.

Yellow Protopet™

Yellow petrolatum useful in fine cosmetic and ointment applications.

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