Sonneborn products offer luxurious emolliency and excellent skin barrier properties for use in the most elegant skin care formulations. These innovative products have unique sensory characteristics and offer a skin feel that is much less greasy in nature, as well as softer and silkier than traditional petrolatums and white oils. These products also melt at skin temperature.

These innovative products enable our customers to achieve what they never thought possible. Sonneborn products play a critical role in consumers’ lives almost every day.

Sensory Enhancing Emollient Products


Refined mixture of alkanes offering enhanced skin-feel for personal care applications.


Alkane blend ideal for use as lightweight, colorless alternative to D5 silicones in personal care.

Sonnecone™ CM

Lightweight petrolatum with optimal moisturizing benefits.

Sonnecone™ DM1

Enhances products with a luxurious feel where skin protection and TEWL are critical.

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Why Sonneborn?

With world-class expertise, exceptional service, flexible manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art production, you've got a confident, capable partner on your side.

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