Sonneborn products work harder to help you work smarter. Sonneborn products are widely used as manufacturing aids or as formulation components in an array of industrial products and processes. From ore floatation additives to corrosion protection, our solutions deliver.


Adhesives, packaging, coating, sealing, laminating, lubrication, ore floatation, rust prevention, electrical insulation, diluent, carrier, polishes and defoamers.

Industrial Products

Mineral Oils

Trust your formulation to the leader in mineral oil manufacturing.

Multiwax™ Microcrystalline Waxes

Odorless, tasteless waxes with relatively high melting points and superior flexibility.


An excellent choice for anti-corrosion applications.

Petronate™ Sodium Sulfonates

Provide excellent emulsification compared to synthetic sodium sulfonates of the same molecular weight.

Suniso™ Refrigeration Oils

Lubricate refrigeration and air conditioning compressors for maximum, trouble-free service life.

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Why Sonneborn?

With world-class expertise, exceptional service, flexible manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art production, you've got a confident, capable partner on your side.

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