Sonneborn alkane products offer the versatility, compatibility and safety required in formulating high-performing personal care products that deliver peace of mind backed by favorable skin and ocular test results. These products offer distinct advantages, including protective barrier properties and the capacity to be an excellent vehicle for other key ingredients. These products are available globally.

Sonneborn alkane products are clean, odorless, inert, and UV and thermally stable. They can replace silicone fluids while maintaining or improving your product’s sensory characteristics with a dry, silky after-feel. These products have a comparable volatility profile to dimethicone (5 cSt). Where greater volatility is preferred, the addition of a small amount of solvent such as isododecane can increase the profile.

Alkane Products


Refined mixture of alkanes offering enhanced skin-feel for personal care applications.


Alkane blend ideal for use as lightweight, colorless alternative to D5 silicones in personal care.

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