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The personal care market is moving toward offering more sustainable and plant-based solutions. In 2007, the SonneNatural™ plant-based natural product portfolio was developed to address this trend. SonneNatural can be used in formulations as an emollient or as a sensory-enhancing ingredient that mimics the versatility of a petrolatum used in a formulation. These versatile products have been used successfully in many commercial products found on consumers’ shelves today. All products are Vegan certified, with a palm-free variant also available. SonneNatural makes it easy to formulate plant-based products while meeting consumer demands of high-quality products.


Lip care, skin care, baby care and medicated ointments.

Clean Beauty Products


A color-stable, almost odorless natural alternative to petrolatum in cosmetic formulations.

SonneNatural™ H-203

The firmest base in the SonneNatural line; ideal for hair styling products.

SonneNatural™ J-207

A neat petroleum jelly replacement or for use in elegant lip balms or hair pomades.

SonneNatural™ PF-1

Palm-free emollient; excellent natural alternative to petrolatum in cosmetic formulations.

SonneNatural™ Select - EVOO

An all-natural blend rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

SonneNatural™ Select - Jojoba Oil

Enhanced with natural oils similar to human moisturization.

SonneNatural™ Select - Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Adheres to the skin well and helps to rejuvenate appearance.

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