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Sonneborn products consistently set the standard for innovation. They offer greater solubility and unmatched consistency in reducing melt viscosity and economically extending and plasticizing polymer, adhesive and pressure-sensitive formulations across a wide range of industries.

Polymer manufacturers, molders and extruders around the globe have incorporated Sonneborn products for decades into their resin formulations. These products are also used as lubricants, plasticizers, processing aids, mold release agents, wetting agents, color diluents, and resin and catalyst carriers.

These highly refined white mineral oils, petrolatums, microcrystalline waxes and compressor lubricants are all formulated to meet the U.S. FDA’s direct food requirements and those of European food contact legislation. Meeting these requirements is critical to safely produce plastics for food packaging, food handling, toys, medical devices, personal hygiene articles and more.


Food packaging and food handling, sporting, medical devices, and household and personal hygiene articles.

Polymer & Adhesive Products

Hydrobrite™ Plastic Oils

Improve and control the melt flow rate of the finished polymer.

Microcrystalline Waxes

Odorless, tasteless waxes with relatively high melting points and superior flexibility.


Add lubricity, emolliency and moisture retention in lotions, creams, ointments and hand cleaners.

Pharmaceutical Grade, Food Grade and Technical Grade WMO

Chemically and biologically stable; ideal for a range of applications.

Sonolube™ Compressor Lubricants

High-performing lubricants that extend the life of high-pressure ethylene compressors.

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