Sonneborn microcrystalline wax products are the whitest in the market. These products consist of odorless, tasteless and nonpolar hydrocarbons with relatively high melting points.  They vary in physical properties such as hardness and melting point.

Sonneborn microcrystalline waxes play a critical role in a wide variety of applications. These products act as bases for chewing gum and as cold-flexible coatings for cheese wheels. They serve as excellent bases in lipstick, cold creams and ointments. Sonneborn microcrystalline wax products also lubricate, carry pigments and medication, and protect against moisture.

Sonneborn microcrystalline waxes are U.S. FDA compliant and play an important role in food packaging products that protect food, such as wax-impregnated paper, film, foil and corrugated board. This is why leading hot melt adhesive manufacturers choose Sonneborn products to help their hot melt adhesives flow readily and form flexible bonds.

From candles and caulk to sealants and fine wood polishes, many everyday products start with Sonneborn microcrystalline wax products.

Microcrystalline Wax Products

Multiwax™ 180 MH

Our hard, higher melting point Multiwax with applications in chewing gum base and personal care formulations.

Multiwax™ 180-W

Higher melt point and harder microcrystalline wax with use in chewing gum and personal care formulations.

Multiwax™ 7545

Excellent for corrugated curtain coating applications.

Multiwax™ ML-445-H

Our light-colored Multiwax with perfect characteristics for chewing gum base, cosmetics or more technical applications.

Multiwax™ R

Applications include pipe wrap tape and rust proofing grades.

Multiwax™ SB1322

Our harder, higher melting point microcrystalline wax applicable for chewing gum base and personal care formulations.

Multiwax™ W-445

Medium melt point and consistency with applications in personal care, sealing and candles.

Multiwax W-445-H

Our high melting point Multiwax with high consistency applicable for personal care, sealing or gum base.

Multiwax™ W-835

Soft and tacky microcrystalline wax with applications in personal care, sealing and candles.

Multiwax™ X-145 AH

Our low melting point Multiwax applied in multiple cosmetics and dental applications.

Witcover 146

Our softer Multiwax as a perfect solution in either cosmetic applications or more technical uses.

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