Candle Base

Sono Jell™ Candle Base products have a proven track record and offer excellent value for candle producers. These products are severely hydrotreated wax blends that serve as an ideal additive in container candles. 

These products provide container candle formulators with a crystal modifier that can be used as an alternative to microcrystalline wax, white oil or petrolatum. They also work well with paraffin, natural and synthetic waxes. Benefits include uniform surface appearance, accelerated cooling rates, good container adhesion, fragrance retention, exceptional burn characteristics, UV stability, and resistance to shrinkage and concavity.

Sono Jell Candle Base products provide crystal modification in soy and paraffin blend candles. These products can be used at higher loadings in soy and paraffin-based candles and can provide appeal commensurate with high-quality candles found in the market today. Wax melts using these products show improved aesthetics, fragrance retention, rich color and favorable break characteristics.

Container candle producers looking for outstanding performance and value choose Sono Jell Candle Base products.

Candle Base Products

Sono Jell™ Candle Base - IV

Provides crystal modification in paraffin, natural and synthetic candle wax blends.

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