EPA Inert

Sonneborn Agrol™ products are designed to be used as inert ingredients pre- and post-harvest as a diluent, carrier and solvent per 40 CFR 180.910 and when applied to animals as a solvent and diluent as per 40 CFR 180.930. The EPA’s Inert Finder does not specifically list “Agrol” products. The CAS No 8042-47-5 (White mineral oil [petroleum]) used for all Agrol products is listed in the EPA’s Inert Finder.

Whether you’re formulating pesticidal, insecticidal or fungicidal products, there is a Sonneborn product that meets your needs as an inert ingredient.


EPA Inert Ingredient Products

Agrol™ 10

Works well in formulations where both solvency and dispersion are important.

Agrol™ 11

Offers more adhesion without the heavier components that can cause phytotoxicity.

Agrol™ 13

Typically used in formulations for tank and chemigation spray.

Agrol™ 3

Provides the versatility needed for numerous agricultural and horticultural applications.

Agrol™ 4

Versatile for tank and chemigation spray applications.

Agrol™ 6

Trusted mineral oil ideal for pesticidal, insecticidal or fungicidal formulations.

Agrol™ 7

Well suited for aerosol, tank and chemigation spray applications.

Agrol™ 9

Effective in a range of agricultural applications, including pesticidal formulations.

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