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EU +31-20-611-7475

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Asia/Pacific Location

Our Locations

North America Manufacturing
100 Sonneborn Lane
Petrolia, PA 16050
Phone: 724.756.2210
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Sonneborn Refined Products B.V.
Mainhavenweg 6
1043 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31.20.611.7475
Fax: +31.20.611.1170
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Wax Manufacturing Plant
Wezelstraat 12
1541 LZ Koog aan de Zaan
The Netherlands
Phone :+31.75.628.3854
Fax: +31.75.621.0811
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Sonneborn Brasil LTDA.
Tv. Apeninos, 181 - A22 - Vl. Sta. Teresa
09030-380 Santo André, SP, Brazil
Phone: +55-11-3013-2729
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Sonneborn Refined Products Qingdao Co. Ltd.
Nr. 1 Zeng Cheng Road, Room 901, Unit 1, Building 15
Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong China
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