Sono Jell™ Candle Base
Distributor Announcement

Sono Jell™ Candle Base Distributor Announcement

Apr 1, 2022

Petrolia, PA USA


We are pleased to announce that Palmer Holland has been selected as the Sono Jell™ Candle Base - IV drum distributor to the container candle market in North America. As a trusted distributor, Palmer Holland will provide customers with professional service and dependability.

Container candle producers of all sizes can purchase drums from Palmer Holland’s inventory, in smaller quantities. We expect Palmer Holland will have drum stock available in May 2022.

Sono Jell™ Candle Base – IV is a wax crystal modifier used as a component in the formulation of container candles based on paraffin, natural and synthetic waxes. Sono Jell™ Candle Base – IV helps form tight knit uniform crystalline structures leading to aesthetically pleasing appearance, reduced top concavity and cracking. Besides reducing polymorphism and fat bloom, Sono Jell™ Candle Base – IV can also help container candles cool faster, reducing production and packaging time. Additionally, this product is severely hydrotreated with no odor to impact fragrance and is ultra-white to allow for desired candle color.

Palmer Holland is a North American specialty chemical and ingredient distributor of raw materials headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sonneborn, an HF Sinclair brand, is a world leader in high-purity specialty hydrocarbons for use in both the consumer and industrial marketplaces.