Mineral Oils Are Safe
for Human Health

Mineral Oils Are Safe for Human Health

Executive Summary
From Petroleum to Mineral Oils

Mineral oil is a generic term used to group several petroleum derived liquids with "oil-like viscosity" manufactured by atmospheric and vacuum distillation (at temperature between ~300°C and ~700°C) of crude oil and then further refined. Unrefined crude oil is not used in the formulation of products in contact with the human body or in food related applications.

Mineral oils differ in their physical chemical properties (e.g. viscosity) and chemical composition (e.g. aromatic content) and cannot thus be described with a single chemical formula.

The feedstock used in manufacturing mineral oil contains poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are classified as hazardous. However, these compounds are either removed using solvent extraction or converted using catalytic hydrotreatment to produce the refined mineral oils. The remaining aromatics found in the refined mineral oils are mainly 1-2 ring highly alkylated structures, which are not carcinogenic,

White oils and waxes are chemically very inert substances. What is thus used for instance, in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical or food contact, are highly refined products derived from petroleum. The use of these highly refined products has a very long history and enjoys an impeccable human safety record. In addition to offering interesting lubricating and moisture barrier properties, they are not allergenic...

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