Wax Blends

Sonneborn wax blends serve as key ingredients in a wide range of food, industrial and other manufacturing processes. These products are formulations of paraffins, microcrystalline waxes and additives.

These products are used in diverse markets, including dairy, food, cosmetics, plastics, printing and the metal industries. Applications include cheese wax, pencil wax, rubber wax, laminating wax, ink wax, anti-corrosion wax, candles and poultry wax. Sonneborn wax blends are custom products, tailor-made to meet your needs for your specific applications. These products are also backed by experienced technical support to provide quick responses to your requests.

Wax Blend Products

Cheese Wax

A wide variety of wax products specifically for cheese wax applications.

Laminating Wax

Our low-viscosity laminating wax alternative.

Multiwax™ EX7020

Explosion wax: our technical solution to act as a moisture barrier for mining.

Poultry Wax

Our hard and paraffinic wax to strip poultry feathers.

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