Drilling and
Fracking Oils

Sonneborn products for drilling and fracking address environmental concerns while advancing technology. These products are highly refined, BTEX-free (non-detect) mineral oils that meet the purity requirements specified in 21 CFR 172.878. They’re purified to alleviate health and environmental concerns and remove potentially harmful aromatic hydrocarbons, including polynuclear aromatics. Sonneborn drilling and fracking products are inherently biodegradable and are enhanced for low-pour performance.

Sonneborn products are designed and customized to meet your specific needs. These products offer greater value than alternative products that may pose environmental risks.

Drilling and Fracking Oil Products

D/F Fluid 21

Addresses evolving environmental concerns while advancing technology.

D/F Fluid 33

Low-viscosity hydrocarbon fluids for oilfield operations.

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