In the agricultural industry, Sonneborn white mineral oils are used as inert ingredients in the formulation of end-use products labeled to be applied to crops (40 CFR 180.910) and animals (40 CFR 180.930). These products are of the highest purity and meet or exceed the demanding criteria of the industry.

In the grain industry, Sonneborn white mineral oils inhibit the dust generated from when grain is handled or transported, which can improve environmental and worker safety.

In the production of animal feeds, Sonneborn white mineral oils help to physically accommodate fine-powdered micro-ingredients and provide uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the pellet. These products also help to reduce dust, improve pre-mix integrity and uniformity, and reduce electrostatic charges as well as the random loss of micro-ingredients.


Grain dust suppression, crop protection and animal feed production.

Agriculture Products

USP-NF White Mineral Oil

Pharmaceutical-grade white mineral oils for use in personal care, plastics, adhesives, food, agriculture and other applications.

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