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Anthony P. Banaszewski
Technical Director, Sonneborn, LLC

If you are already using Sonneborn products you are likely familiar with the terminology cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and what it means. The premise of cGMP is that the quality system is based on the principles of Quality by Design instead of Quality by Inspection. Sonneborn has been committed to the practice of Quality by Design long before GMP was established by the FDA, and continues to sustain the caliber of Sonneborns QA procedures to this day.


The idiom of the contemporary marketing gist — sustainable, organic, natural, green — conveys an emotive appeal that has come to dominate the marketing of personal care and household products. The explicit message that biochemically produced feedstock’s are inherently superior to refined petroleum-based (i.e., mineral) ones has become dogma.  Do bio-based chemicals outperform?  Are they economically and ethically superior?

Further reinforcing the popular notion that “green is good” versus traditional materials are government...