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Wax Blends

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Wax blends are high-tech formulations of paraffins, micro-waxes and additives. A significant proportion of these raw materials is produced in-house by Sonneborn Refined Products.

Our experience and depth of knowledge enable us to engineer the most advanced wax blends in the world.

As a leading wax supplier, our wax blends are key ingredients in a wide range of food, industrial and other manufacturing processes. They are used in very diverse markets, such as dairy, food, cosmetics, plastics, packaging, printing and the metal industries. Applications include cheese wax, pencil wax, rubber wax, laminating wax, ink wax, anti-corrosion wax and poultry wax. In fact, Sonneborn is among the world’s largest wax suppliers. Tailor-made wax blends are designed to meet the needs of your specific application or process. Our comprehensive technical support will provide quick and flexible response to specific customer requirements.

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