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Personal Care

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Personal Care

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Cosmetics Manufacturer

Products: White Mineral Oils; Petrolatums; Vegetable Bases; Microcrystalline Waxes; Light Specialty Hydrocarbons; Specialty Products

Sonneborn has the broadest line of high-purity hydrocarbons for the personal care and cosmetics industry. The range of applications is almost limitless, as the inert nature and excellent moisturizing properties of our products make them a staple in the area of personal care formulating. All of our manufacturing facilities are accredited to quality standard ISO 9002 or ISO 9001:2008. Our U.S. manufacturing  facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a drug-manufacturing site.

Since 1903, Sonneborn has been committed to the personal care market, offering our unsurpassed technical expertise along with product and technology innovations such as super white petrolatums, ultra high viscosity white mineral oils, and state-of-the-art refining and manufacturing processes. We’ve developed a reputation for being among the world’s leading white mineral oil suppliers and microcrystalline wax suppliers.